Recorded Lecture Agreement

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Recorded Lecture Policy Agreement

Students whose disability results in functional limitations that create barriers to taking or reading notes have the right to record class lectures for their personal study only.* Lectures recorded for this purpose may not be shared with other people. Recorded lectures may not be used in any way against the faculty member, other lecturers, or students whose classroom comments are recorded as part of the class activity. Information contained in the recorded lecture is protected under federal copyright laws and may not be published, quoted or posted online without the express consent of the lecturer and without giving proper identity and credit to the lecturer.*84.44 of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (P.L. 93-112, amended P.L. 93-156).
I have read and understand the above policy on recorded lectures at Hope College and I pledge to abide by the above policy with regard to any lectures I record while enrolled as a student at Hope College. I understand that if I violate this agreement, I will be in violation of the Class Recording Policy and the Code for Academic Integrity as published in the Student Handbook and will be referred through the appropriate conduct process.
I understand that if I fail to return loaned equipment (e.g. Livescribe pen) or its parts in good working order, my student account may be charged the cost of a replacement or parts.
I will not make duplicate copies of lecture recordings and I will destroy all audio recordings after completion of the course.