Testing Accommodations Agreement

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1. Appointments to take an exam or quiz should be made no less than three (3) school business days in advance during the semester and six (6) school business days in advance for final exam week by completing the Request for Testing Accommodations form.

1. You are asked to use the restroom prior to arriving for your appointment. In the event you need to use the restroom once the test has started, you should check in with the test proctor or DAR front desk staff. 

2. When you arrive, all electronic devices (cellphones, Apple watches, etc.), backpacks, wallets, coats and hats need to be left in the DAR office. Only those items indicated in the Request for Testing Accommodations form identified by your professor are allowed in the testing room. 

3. If you arrive late, you will lose that time. The scheduled end time will not be pushed back. 

1. Questions for your professor can be directed to DAR staff. 

2. To ensure a reduced distraction test environment, testing rooms are monitored by camera at all times. 

3. If cheating is suspected, the test will be terminated immediately and returned to the professor. The professor will determine the consequences as indicated in the Code for Academic Integrity. This may include bringing in items that are not approved by your professor or DAR staff, having extra applications or tabs open on your computer or if you are gone to the restroom for an extended period of time.  


By choosing "Yes", I am acknowledging that I have read and understood the Testing Accommodations Agreement and I agree to abide by the procedures that have been outlined.